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Whole day off today, because of the 2nd/3rd intake moving in/moving out.

Heard about something being on the news last night … apparently right here in UMS, a trainee got beaten up. They showed videos and everything on TV, too. And on the newspapers, too? I and my friends had no idea, nobody said anything about it to us.

3rd Intake trainees moved out this morning, in their blue sports t-shirts and black pants. Later, the 2nd Intake moved in, wearing their celoreng (fatigues). And yes, everyone in the 1st Intake is very envious of them. They still have their fatigues, and we don’t.

But the 1st Intake at Kompleks Sukan Likas have their fatigues!! The fatigues were delivered to them about two weeks ago, and they wear them while kawat / basic drilling on Mondays and Fridays. They have everything except for the combat belts. Very, very envious here.

Finally! The list of all 34 groups (37 or 38 trainees in each group) for Khidmat Komuniti has finally been posted at the Kolej D urusetia office. It’s been up at Kolej A since early this week. Everyone was complaining earlier, Why haven’t we gotten the list yet? But we’re happy now, we have the list.

At night, we were suddenly called out. “Semua pelatih-pelatih Kolej D diminta untuk berkumpul di hadapan pejabat urusetia Kolej D, untuk acara khas.” Ended up watching a movie – Resident Evil. Seriously. Of course, a facilitator went to block the projector during the, uhm, racier scenes … but everyone could see the image projected onto his pants anyway.

Friend from Kompleks Sukan Likas told me that the soldiers there are nuts. One soldier is a bit “gila-gila”, and tries to steal trainees’ handphones, then sell them to others.

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