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After breakfast today, boarded buses to Dewan Kuliah Pusat (DKP) for taklimat about Khidmat Komuniti. My Kolej D were completely uninformed on what to do, and we had to depend on exchanging SMS messages with friends from Kolej A. My friend from Kolej A was the one who informed me that we had to board the buses to DKP. Our facilitators told us nothing. But no, we’re not upset because we’re getting quite used to it.

Went to the DKP, and got introduced to our new facilitators. One facilitator was a bit annoying: “Tahu tak, adik-adik sedang berada dalam modul Khid-mat Ko-mu-ni-ti? Dalam modul ini, adik-adik akan ke-lu-ar.” And so on, slowly saying out words … so that it would be easier for us to understand, I guess.

The leader of the facilitators, Shamsul, announced to us that 3 trainees in UMS have already been sent to the special camp for NS troublemakers. An extra 2 months. He also said he was happy to announce that so far, none of the 1st intake trainees have been sent to the camp.

We’re not supposed to change Khidmat Komuniti groups, but there are those who do anyway. How? Simple. Just find a person who’ll agree to swap with you, then assume the other person’s identity.

2nd Intake did their kawat this morning with their sports t-shirts, celoreng pants, and combat boots. 1st Intake remains very envious of them … the only thing we don’t envy them about is: they only got to sleep past midnight last night, after having their acara malam up to 11:30 pm.

We got the whole night free last night … lots of couples walking around, dating. Very interesting.

Group of 34 trainees got caught this morning, coming back into the campus. They’d gone out without permission – security at the gate has been tightened. When the security guard sees someone of about NS age coming in, that person is questioned and asked for name and IC. Some got caught, but 2 of my friends got past successfully … by giving false names and IC numbers. Punishment, the 34 caught trainees had to dress up in their sports uniforms at 10:30 pm and do kawat nonstop until the soldiers said they could stop. Have no idea what time they stopped kawat. The rumour was that they had been ordered to “kawat sampai pagi”.

While sitting outside my block, saw a group of girls carrying a crying girl past, foot bandaged and bleeding badly. A girl was yelling, “Cepat! Cepat! Berlubang sudah kaki dia! Panggil faci!” We all wanted to know what happened but nobody would tell us.

Football match this morning, and also karaoke competition.

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