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Told to gather at front of dewan makan at 7:15 am, and waited for full hour – again!!!! – before getting on buses. Some were lucky to get under the shade, others were smack in the middle of the road, sweating buckets.

At our assigned area, cleaned up the local masjid. Burnt trash, swept the ground outside, etc. And after lunch at the local beach, went back to the assigned area and played volleyball with the villagers.

But before going back for volleyball, we stopped by a farm for – watermelons! Our facilitator said, Okay, my treat, let’s eat watermelons. Freshly picked, deliciously juicy. We said, Wah, faci baru terima gaji kah? He just grinned at us and admitted to us, Belum lagi dapat elaun ni. Makan sajalah, saya belanja.

A military truck and police car passed by us, saw us eating watermelons. They smiled at us, gave us the thumbs up sign. We were delighted to receive such acknowledgement, and waved back enthusiastically.

Before getting back to UMS, stopped by a town to buy stuff. I only bought an ice cream cone. All of us waited at a bus stop, waiting for our bus to come back and pick us up. Cars would pass by, honk, and the people inside would smile and wave at us, and we’d wave back.

When I finally got back to UMS, crestfallen to see ground wet from rain. My clothes have been wet for the past 2 days! Took my clothes off the washing line, hung them in my room to dry by fan.

Puzzled to see two boys being lined up, berkawat, in front of urusetia building. Sopping wet, soaking wet, wet to the bone. They must’ve been doing kawat since it started raining. One of the soldiers from yesterday’s bus incident was prancing around (dry, of course), yelling at them. He yelled, told them to run from here to a certain point about 50 m away, and back. Over and over again, yelling insults at them. Kind of impressed yet disgusted by his vast collection of shouts and insults. They had to run, sit on the ground, etc. We all pitied them, but couldn’t do anything to help them. I just hope they don’t catch a cold.

Pleasantly surprised to discover that this blog is syndicated through LiveJournal. Thank you very much!

And thank you everyone, for your support, and comments. I will try my best to continue blogging about NS.

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