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note: (updated, 27 April … but not much.)

First, I must apologize if today’s entry is slightly unusual. It’s not easy to type as someone hovers over your shoulder. Yes, I am annoyed. But there’s no polite way to chase the person off, I think.

NS does have trainers/facilitators from BTN. We had them during our last week at physical training camp, a week of Modul Kenegaraan.

Nothing much over the weekend. On Saturday, the bus was supposed to pick us up from church at 12 pm. But the bus only showed up at 4:20 pm. We didn’t really mind, sitting around in church and playing the piano.

And on Sunday, the karaoke finals. Solo and duet. Some very good singers, some not so good. A facilitator named Azhar sang Keabadian Cinta very badly, and some boys yelled, “Kembang bulu!” when he started singing. It was that bad.

A duet couple started singing, and then it started raining – “Tahniah! Anda berjaya panggil hujan!” yelled the same group of boys.

Sunday night, all girls were told to line up. Semua wirawati Kolej D dikehendaki berbaris di hadapan urusetia pada jam 10 malam. We thought this was ridiculous. The announcement was at 8:50 pm, why not line up then? We didn’t have any other program anyway.

So we showed up at 10 pm, and all of our rooms got spotchecked. We were told to hand in our keys, and locker keys too. Our rooms were thoroughly searched. They even searched inside our shoes and combat boots.

My block’s spotcheck ended at 11:30 pm. The last block’s spotcheck ended at 1:00 am. Very tiring, and annoying. We sat on the road outside, while the facis checked inside. They didn’t find any handphones, but they found a knife inside a combat boot from Blok D. (Nobody admits to owning it, though they know whose room it’s from.)

More community service today. But today, my group only had to wait for about 10 minutes before boarding the bus – because we were one of the first called. I’m sure the others had to wait the usual hour or so.

Our facilitator cheerfully said to us, OK, kita nyanyi dulu, baru breakfast, OK? Nobody brought the song lyrics that had been distributed the other day, and nobody wanted to sing anyway. Finally he said All right, here’s the bag, and gave us the usual black trash bag filled with buns. One bun each.

We were assigned an area in Kota Belud today, about an hour away from UMS. But before getting there, all the buses stopped at one point, the bus drivers got out and grouped together – and from just watching them, we could tell that they were lost. Fourth Community Service day in a row.

We went to a pusat pelancongan that didn’t look like one, and were instructed to cut grass, pick up trash, etc. The usual works. And then, off to the Kota Belud tamu for lunch. The tamu, of course, was deserted except for us. It’s not tamu day today. We arrived at 11:45 pm, and after 15 minutes, started wondering where lunch was. All there was were boxes of drinking water, and plastic bags of apples and mandarin oranges.

Some of us hadn’t been able to have a full breakfast, thanks to the short breakfast time in the morning, including myself. Got hungrier and hungrier as time passed by, and all the facilitators did was sit around. Finally, at around 1:00 pm a facilitator decided to use his own handphone to telephone I-don’t-know-who. And found out that the bus bringing our food was lost, and was currently at the Kota Belud police station.

Finally ate at 1:30 pm, all of us hungry and upset. Chicken rice. It was actually quite good, but wish that we hadn’t had to wait for an hour and a half.

Oh, bloody hell. I can’t write. Not with someone hovering next to me. Doesn’t matter if he only understands half my English – the point is, he’s there. This’ll just have to wait for tomorrow. I’ll edit this post tomorrow and add more stuff. I’m sorry.

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