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As in my brief post last night, we had a 3-hour long rehearsal last night. It was tiring, and it was painful. My shoulders, back, and knees hurt like mad. It was okay for the soldiers, being able to walk back and forth. For us, all we did was stand at attention or at ease for three hours straight. Most of the time, at attention.

“Ini menguji tahap ketahanan kamu!” declared the soldiers, trying to make us think that if we could last, then it was something worth being proud of. Well, maybe.

After we got back, an announcement came over the PA system, telling us all to get into our rooms. Our facis, they said, would be coming to deliver our YES2NS cards to us. And yes, I have my card now. To my knowledge, none in Kolej D have photos on their cards, although they sent in their pictures. Perhaps the letters they sent didn’t arrive on time. It’s okay anyway, we’re all delighted about the cards, and wear them everywhere. (Seriously! We really do.)

Went to Taman Seri Putri today, and were requested by our jurulatih to be on our best behaviour. Apparently, the previous NS group before us had gotten into a fight amongst themselves. “Mungkin orang-orang di sini berpendapat kita pun sama dengan kumpulan sebelum kita … jadi kamu jaga-jagalah tingkahlaku, ah, nanti. Bagus-bagus kamu nanti, OK?” said my jurulatih.

Lunch was rice, a few pieces of vegetables, half a fried fish, and half a duck’s egg. And a badly bruised apple. We all still felt hungry, but were thankful that our food was only delayed an hour, and got to eat by 1:30 pm. Yesterday’s group only got to eat at 2:30 pm.

A girl from Kolej A told me of 16 girls simultaneously getting struck by hysteria, a while ago. I wanted to know the details but I drifted off to play badminton.

We didn’t even meet anyone from Taman Seri Putri. They were all preparing for some minister’s visit at 2 pm, so we spent the time playing volleyball, badminton, and football amongst ourselves. We didn’t meet even one Taman Seri Putri resident. Not one.

Streetlights are off at night now. Poked my head out of my window and saw a couple kissing. More power to you! You can’t help but admire them for being that brave. According to some other friends, they even kiss with the streetlights, so having no streetlights is a bonus. I cannot help but be impressed.

As for the closing ceremony. My position in line is rather visible to the audience. Which may mean trouble because I will choose not to raise my hands during the doa selamat. I have no idea what will happen to me, but I’ll do it anyway. I believe that Malaysia has religious freedom. I respect Islam, and I respect my own Christianity too. I choose not to raise my hands. I will stand at attention. This, I think, pays respect to both Islam and Christianity at the same time.

Tomorrow evening is the closing ceremony. There may be a farewell party on Friday night? But maybe there won’t be. We’ll see. Kolej A’s farewell party is tonight. Kolej D, I think, won’t have one. We’ll see. We’ll see.

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