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Short, pointless hike through “woods”. Girls wade through water which reaches up just below our underwear. Boys cross bridge! Gah!

Flying fox.

Still no sign of my SPM results.

Cikgu Shamshuddin announces at night, the official word from the government is: Pergaulan antara wirawan dan wirawati tidak digalakkan. Conversation between the sexes not encouraged. Everything’s separate. Lines for food, sick bays, everything.

Late for dinner, hardly anything left because Muslim girls wanted to leave for mess hall at 8 pm, after praying. Went hungry. That does it, next time I go for dinner alone. I have nothing against Muslims, but I get hungry.

Tent light is left on throughout night. Argh. All ten of us in the tent hardly slept, but none of us were awake enough to switch it off.

Sukan kreativiti.

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