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Morning. Up at 5 am, alarm at 5:30 am. Turns out that only Charlie and Delta have to line up. Alpha and Bravo given rest. Back to sleep after hear announcement that Alpha and Bravo need only to group at 8:30 am.

Wake up at 7:45 am, have breakfast. Fried rice with single boiled egg. Always an egg in the morning. Half the eggs always still have shit on the shells.

Kawat – basic drilling. Boring, as usual. Joan tells me that two girls from Bravo got into argument last night.

This afternoon, we were supposed to do abseiling but rope wet from light drizzle. Still haven’t done flying fox. (Update: I never did get to.) Instead, we do refleksi at abseiling area, talk about what we did and what we learnt from it. All trainees complain that refleksi is mind-numbingly boring.

I think I’ve chipped my back tooth. Everyone says I brush my teeth too much. I don’t. I brush my teeth when I wake up, and after breakfast, lunch, dinner. The others only brush their teeth after they wake up and before they go to sleep.

No night program. Supposed to be ceramah keselamatan, but ended up doing stupid “Berdiri! Duduk! Berdiri!” and PKN song. Ovai, Papar likes to make trainees stand up and sit down. “Berdiri! Duduk!” And we’re also taught not to stand up at “Bangun!”, only at “Berdiri!” Because bangun is to wake from sleep, and berdiri is to stand.

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