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Finally got my results today! Man. At first the admin was telling me, Ah, well, we’ll have to contact Kuala Lumpur about your results , blah blah blah. Finally got my results today. Whee! Excellent.

Hear stories of people learning to smoke in camp, especially the boys. The instructors smoke, too, and even share cigarettes and lighters with trainees. They tell trainees, OK, smoke if you must, asal jangan terbakar khemah. As long as you don’t burn down your tents.

Quite a lot of drinking (as in, alcohol) goes on, too.

Picture-taking of groups today. Instructors go around adjusting berets, tell us we look like tukang masak instead of soldiers. Why does your beret look like lempeng, like roti canai? Here, I’ll adjust it for you.

Kembara berhalangan – 20 boys, 20 girls competing. All girls fail to cross 1.8 m wall, boys easily get across.

Monkey rack, I get to 5th or 6th bar then dangerously start to swing by one arm, really felt I was going to fall. Fingers only gripped bar loosely, managed to stay on because body swung in right direction, and bought time to grip with free left hand. Others from my group reached out and pulled me back to ground before I fell.

Rope swing. 2 previous attempts successful, today doubted myself. Swung and didn’t reach other side, held on and kept swinging. Pulled back to ground after several swings, boys burst into applause.

Night program is karaoke, on all 4 TV screens. P Ramlee songs with modern karaoke scenes, very cheesy, funniest bit was “Mari dengar ini cerita” song. Later was Gerak Khas II movie, half the trainees got up and left.

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