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Morning – kayak competition for Alpha, to select team for Saturday morning inter-group competition. While lining up near urusetia, facing Charlie and Delta back from Wirajaya, some boys suddenly run out of line and break up a fight (Delta). The boy is the same one who got into fight with Khatijah.

Evening – “friendly” match with IKBN Kinarut. 1st half (first 10 mins?), PKN #2 gets into mild scuffle with IKBN boy. The PKN boy was playing rough. IKBN reaches out to tap-slap the PKN boy, and a handful of boys run on field, teachers break it up and gameplay resumes.

2nd half, suddenly all hell breaks lookse and boys pour onfield, beating the hell out of each other. Field full of boys bertumbuk and berterbangan. Saw 3 IKBN boys stomp on fallen PKN boy. Saw another PKN boy take off combat belt and beat IKBN boy with it. ‘Cikgu Hyper’ also gets beaten by IKBN boys. Other teachers get beaten and stomped on, too.

Am horrified but quickly snap photo. (update: will develop soon.) The fight dies down after about 10 minutes, some boys bleeding from foreheads or cut lips, some limping, one teacher bleeding. (update: it never appears in the paper.)

Both sides still shouting and sticking out middle fingers. PKN told to line up, our TPK yells at our discipline. IKBN retreats to dorm, yell loudly and wildly, completely out of control, they have no teacher, middle fingers held aloft, “Baliklah!!” they yell at us.

IKBN Kinarut representatives come that night to recruit students, but boys boycott event.

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