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Morning – wake up, exercise as usual. New instructor with our group, plump but tagap, reminds me of the Incredible Hulk, the movie of which I have thankfully not yet seen.

Boys held back at their camp area, dunno why.

Group discussion, pass up papers from yesterday about what we learned. I wrote we had teka-teki in the afternoon tetapi malangnya saya tidak dapat menjawab, and later Cikgu Khairul asks me if I already have the answers. “Uh – yeah. Tau sudah. Thank you.”

Afternoon, we are to draw/create our Negara Ideal, shape, flag, infrastructure, etc. Geography students laughing at the map, pure Science students clueless.

Insects always go inside tent fan and explode in cloud of dust and gunk. There are no mosquitoes, but we sleep with our mosquito nets to avoid the insect explosions.

Hear stories of the Pengarah Kem, PK in Tanaki Tambunan spying on girls as they bathe. It appears in papers as “alleged”, but friends in Tambunan says it’s for real.

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