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No activities – pembahagian pakej. Boys get haircuts as well, and also the girls who want haircuts.

I’m handed a piece of paper to fill in to collect my package, and I stare blankly at it because I see no space to write my name. The woman yells at me, “Kau tahu baca kah tidak? Tulis nama kau sini bah!” Very polite staff, eh?

The package:

– 2 class shirts

– 2 class trousers

– 2 black Bermuda shorts (boys only!)

– 1 belt with the Khidmat Negara logo

– 1 pair of black shoes … ‘high’ heels for girls

(update: hardly any girls wear the heels now, they wear the sport sneakers. Girls are somehow also exempt from tucking in their shirts, just like the sports outfit.)

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