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Program starts. New uniform looks like pencuci tandas, polis, pemungut bil elektrik, hospital assistant, pekerja kilang. Pants are granny pants, huge at top but taper at bottom. Ack. Ack.

Divided into tiny classes for Pembinaan Karakter, or PK. Divided into smaller groups by random draw of nametags. I am in the group with the red triangle symbol.

I was elected leader of my group for that day, with box, magic markers, activity book, ball. Played bongo-bongo, Bola S, Jugel (juggle), etc.

Bus late to pick Kolej D up, last batch (including myself) go straight to stadium.

A visitor sends message to meet me, obnoxious tembirang sports leader goes, “Ah, ini yang mau pergi universiti ni – Semenanjung. Ya.” In front of all Tanaki Tambunan and Ovai Papar first intake, he pronounces my name, then plays around with my surname and says a completely different word. What a loser. “Ah, siapa nama ni budak ni – Rompakan?” Fuck you, Sports Leader, this time it’s personal, you didn’t have to go and mess up my name in front of 2000 trainees in the stadium. Since when did my great-grandfather’s name become Rompakan?

He then yells at Kolej D (Ovai Papar first intake) for being late. Not our fault, the bus was late. He yells at us that we’re kurangajar, why can’t we be like Tanaki Tambunan? He later denies saying that he was kurangajar, after four trainees stand up separately to give him a piece of their mind.

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