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Day 3 of Module 2, Pembinaan Karakter. The videos we watch (Mulanya Di Sini) are excellent. High quality!! Comparatively. If all Malaysian TV series and movies were like Mulanya Di Sini, the Malaysian film industry would be decent. But its not. The soundtrack to the videos are good.

And the audio CDs they play in class are excellent!! Excellent song selections. No corny shit.

Some like to pretend they’re conducting the orchestra during the “In Song”, which signals that we have to get into class. Corny shit.

Still juggling in classes. We’re up to three balls now.

Evening – campusthon, as they call it. Past the Dewan Besar, up the stairs, back to the college.

I chat with a boy from Block D, he says girls walk freely in and out of his dorm. Officially, this isn’t supposed to happen. But oh well, so much for rules.

At first I thought he was kidding, then I overheard a girl (who paired up with a guy here, boyfriend/girlfriend) describe her boyfriend’s room in detail. OK. I’m a believer now.

Plenty of couples walking around, just like in Ovai Papar. They’re always together, you rarely see them apart. Occasionally you see some walking around with lovebites/hickies on their necks. No kidding.

This afternoon, heard girls giggling, “Eh, apa ni? Off lah! Hehehe!” over the mosque’s loudspeakers. Shock. Shock. Shock.

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