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I discover that they’ll be screening movies at the camps, too. Maybe not all the camps, but they will. Some camps are camping-style, some are dormitory-style.

Time to check my facts at one of the most accurate news sources available to mankind: IRC chat. Here’s some of the conversation: cleaned up for easy reading.

Leftenan Adnan, maksud tersirat, meaningful movies! They’re going to screen meaningful movies at National Service! scrolls across the computer screen. I only read, I don’t know what to type.

You know what, you should boo when Adnan gets heroic, and cheer when they corner him and start killing, ha ha, types someone.

Everyone knows that Malay movies are crap, bullshit, man! especially the latest spate of telemovies, types another chatter. Look at Cinta 200 Ela, or whatever the title was, 201? 101? 102 Dalmatians? A coupla months after the cinema release, and it’s already in Speedy Video’s discount bin.

I finally get an idea of what to type, to join the conversation: Really?

Go and check if you don’t believe me. Only decent Malaysian show was a couple of those Odisi shows, the one with the guy selling rambutans, and maybe even the one where the guy gets stuck in some crazy old couple’s house.

Another interjects, The one about the perfect girl, Piala Untuk Mama, Trophy for Mama, first episode, macam tahi, like shit. Dayem. Damn.

Maybe the first season of Kopitiam was okay, but they should really stop, crap and bullshit they’re producing with that Jojo Struys and her wooden acting. Pretty, but wooden. Hey, you, whaddaya think?

More chatter goes on. I don’t understand, because I can’t watch TV. I have only half a channel, a snowy TV2, the picture’s barely there, what’s the point?

Wah, teruknya, that’s awful shit. Hey, get Astro, getting cheaper now. Three mini packages for less than fifty bucks, bargain.

I wonder why there’s not a single day that passes by, that I don’t see or hear the word crap or bullshit or bloody or hell or shit, and maybe even fuck.

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