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I just had this absolutely fantastic conversation with my 11 year old cousin, R, and her 14 year old brother, Z. The way they argue with one another, they either make me (a) laugh uncontrollably, or, (b) speechless. This time, they were fighting it out about whose school was better – R’s St Francis, or Z’s La Salle.

(NOTE, just in case: I have nothing against lesbians, okay? I am friends with quite a few, and they’re all terrific people, absolutely terrific. Love them to bits. ^_^)

R: My school ah, syok one. So nice, better than La Salle.

Me: Really?

Z: Where got one! All girls only, so boring.

R: So? You that, all boys in La Salle?!

Me: Ah, um, OK. So. What so syok about St Francis? and La Salle?

R: (proudly) My school [St Francis] got banyak lesbian.

Z/Me: ………….

Me: Ah, that’s nice. Good for you. Lots of action during recess one.

Z: (blur) So? (turns to me) You should hear her oh, always talk-talk on the phone to her friends about lesbian only.

R: Where got you can hear oh when I talk on the phone!

Z: Think I deaf ah? (turns to me again) Why girls like to talk on the phone for so long hor?

Me: ………………

R: So? La Salle terkenal for sukan yang kasarrrrr only.

Z: Eh! So you that?!

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