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In the morning, we were split up into different groups. So I had to change tents again, pack up all my stuff and go.

We were lined up by place of origin, Kota Belud, Kota Marudu, Tamparuli, Kudat, Sandakan, etc. Tamparuli had only five girls, so they took four out and made each stand far apart.

From there, other districts would go behind them, effectively splitting up friends standing next to each other. “Bah, bagus. Tiada lagi yang kawan sekampung kan!” said the thin/dark incomprehensible trainer cheerfully.

Cannot understand a single thing Thin/Dark Commander says. “Uwek!” hey yells, and everyone except me does an about-turn. They turn to the bloody left!

Nighttime. Hard to sleep, lights still on and cots creaking at the slightest move. Handphones clicking away, excitement at the network lines available. Hardly any lines available here. (Update: 019 available, everything else not.)

Semenanjung and Sarawak trainees arrived, and the rest of us basically lazed around in our tents the whole day.

Trainers call out Muslim greetings right and left. My Selangor tentmate said cheerfully to me, “I’m so glad everyone is Muslim here!” Uh.

Middle of the night, suddenly a trumpet call and NegaraKu blares out from the PA system at full blast, signaling lights out and time to sleep. Argh. Argh.

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