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Everyone was cursing as they awoke this morning at 5 am (PA system: trumpet call, NegaraKu, Khidmat Negara theme song, a few other patriotic songs). Cursing because of last night’s 1 am sleep time.

Just “classes”, talk talk talk. We’re told about TTS – tempur tanpa senjata, combat without weaspons. Given a 2-minute demo on self-defense, highly uninformative because all we did was stare blankly. But next week we’ll have real physical activities, and I’ll/we’ll be groaning.

Rumours floating around of us having to soak in a leech-filled pond to test our bravery. Eek!

We were given orientation of obstacle courses. Monkey rack is spaced VERY wide apart, over a pool with murky water and dead rats/frogs, two walls (1.8m, 3.0 m), rope swing over a pool, etc. Flying fox, abseiling, etc.

Morning, we had to do aerobics to dance numbers such as Dr Bombay’s curry song, etc. Argh! Argh! Me and my new friends were cracking up with laughter as we did our aerobics, thinking of how funny it all was. Kitschy songs.

At night, a teacher named Zul asks me, See anything there?, and points toward the camps. (No, just people walking around.) He said, Never mind, I won’t tell you what I see because I don’t want you to be frightened.

I told this to my tentmates, and they immediately started shrieking and swapping ghost stories.

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