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Nighttime – first episode of Malay TV series, Insurgensi. Wooden acting, lousy sets, obvious voice dubbing. Fell asleep, and teacher woke me up and advised me on a better position to sleep, so I wouldn’t fall backwards. Took his advice, slept with my head resting on the table in front of me.

We have to wear long pants and shoes in the dewan makan. The long pants rule is reinforced, but it seems that you can get away with wearing slippers or sandals.

There are different meal lines for boys and girls … or, wira and wirawati. But we can sit anywhere we like, so you see boys and girls mixing anyway.

During our free time, a friend tried to walk to the shop wearing capri pants, and Cikgu Zul yelled, “Pakai seluar panjang!! Nanti PK (pengarah kem) marah!!” So I guess the only place we don’t have to wear long pants is inside our tents. Gah. All girls were cursing at this rule. Boys, on the other hand, can walk around with their football shorts.

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