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On bus home from church, near the huge road junction by Karamunsing, the bus suddenly slows down. A PKN kid with fatigue pants and sport shirt boards the bus. The teacher with us is surprised: “Dari mana kau ni?” He hadn’t been with us in the morning.

We’re guessing that he was one of the 2 who ran off on Sunday. Or maybe he had gone out during Ash Wednesday, and failed to return to the bus.

SPM results. Siti beckons at me from a distance, and when I reach her, she hugs me, all teary-eyed. “Do you know what I got? I got 11 A’s!” Uhm. OK. You asked me to come here so I could hear you show off?

Haven’t gotten my SPM results yet, just like 50% of everyone else. Apparently, mixed up with Tanaki and Shansui results.

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