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Spent a day in the rich country Brunei on Wednesday, the 14th. I kept seeing the same people over and over again – from the plane, from the offices I went into, Delifrance, the food court.

The bus trip was interesting. Waited for a while at the bus terminal before the purple bus filled up with passengers. The conductor went around asking the passengers where they wanted to go.. and jotted down these details on a piece of paper. I thought this was nice, compared to the buses at home. (Buses back home: Yell “Stop!” at the bus driver when you want to get off. This is especially embarrassing when bus is full, and you’re sitting wayyyy at the back of the bus.)

The last passenger was a man, and the only available seat was next to a woman. The other passengers got my attention and asked me to sit next to the woman… because I’m female too. Hmm, I didn’t know that’s the way it is in Brunei?

Bus ride was lovely. People were friendly. Terrific place.

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