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Read a letter from an Indian doctor to The Star newspaper’s online archives, that taunts, Stop whining about National Service already. Are you afraid?

I doubt many are afraid … if any, not many. Although I know for a fact that plenty, yes, plenty of us are just terribly annoyed. (But at the same time, excited at what’s in store for us!) Three months. And for those planning on school, getting pushed back in their studies, having to take additional classes, and having to go straight back to school after National Service, no rest.

Great people, Indians, a former schoolmate says to me, while chuckling over the letter. Except that they – leastways, the ones I know personally – love to mengumpat, talk bad about others. But when it happens to them, oh yes, they get all hurt and sensitive, oh yes they do, you betcha, so you be careful of them Indians with their spears and 101 Flavours of Curry Powder, green and orange and red and yellow, Spice of India, ha ha.

Stupid, says another friend to the friend. Indians don’t have spears.

Oh, sorry, that’s the American Indians a few hundred years ago.

You, Kim, they say. Whaddaya think about Indians?

I like them, I tell them honestly. I really do. I only know one, Samuel, and he has this fantastic sense of humour.

Yes, say the two friends in agreement. Fantastic sense of humour, you gotta hand it to them.

The two friends turn to me, mischevious grins slowly forming. Aaaaare you afraid?

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