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More bad luck. Oh, well. This’ll start becoming a great dinner joke somewhere next week, I’m sure.

Last night, I went for music rehearsal – I drove. As soon as I arrived, the lights inside started getting dim, and the low battery signal went on. I shut everything down and went for rehearsal, hoping that I’d have enough battery to get myself home.

Ha. I didn’t. The car refused to start later. So my father had to go and pick me up. He then drove the dead-battery car off after managing to start it, and I drove the other car home.

But when I reached home, he wasn’t there. I was worried, maybe the car broke down and now he’s stuck somewhere? So I drove around the campus and all the adjacent roads, looking for him. Nothing. Nobody picked up the phone at home, and he obviously didn’t have his handphone with him.

I headed home, because I didn’t know what else to do. While at the driveway leading up to my house, I noticed a car trailing mine. So I looked behind to see if it was him – and crash, I drive into a ditch with barbed wire.

The right side of the car is scratched up now. Fortunately it’s not dented, but there’s one particular scratch that… ugh, it’s not a scratch, it’s a gouge. Will probably have to replace that part. It’s a small part, thank goodness.

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