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Program Latihan Khidmat Negara – otherwise known as National Service. The list of recruits/draftees/etc. is released today (I think), and the question is: Am I in, or am I not?

Interesting program. Everyone will come out all buff, fit, and ready to join the annual Mount Kinabalu Climbathon. National Slimming!

I check the National Service/Slimming website, after much aiyah-cannot-wait!!, and waiting for the website to load – just like every other teenager and their parents and boyfriend or girlfriend and everyone else curious to see who’s been chosen. I enter my IC number over and over again, nearly pissing my pants at the agony of waiting.

I shoot off SMS to the official service, 36188, at RM 2 a pop. At first I send it in the wrong format, twice, then send it in the first correct format with my IC number, and also the second correct format with my name. I never receive a reply, but get charged RM 8 anyway. Lovely.

The website finally sputters to life. Tidak dipilih!! To celebrate: milk and cereal!! Feeling slightly left-out. I wonder how National Service would’ve be like?

Am ecstatic. Khidmat Negara would be great, but annoying, due to stealing away three months of my life and putting it in the hands of the government, who only see me as a statistic and not a real person.

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