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This is great. Super!!

I wasn’t drafted!!

Phew. That was close. At least now I can get on with my life, without the government stepping in and messing it up. Grin. Grin. Double and triple grin.

Yep, girls get drafted too. I guess it’s an equality of the sexes thing. Somehow that both rules and sucks at the same time.

Any other post-SPM 17 year olds who want to check their Khidmat Negara/National Service status on the web, here’s the direct link, so you won’t have to go through all the main page hassle:

But everyone probably already knows their draft status by now.

Played around with the computer this afternoon. Champs calls up, and asks if I could please check his IC number. He’s chosen. When I tell him, he groans Damn, oh man, is there any way I can get outta it?

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