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Dec 25, 2003

Crystal gets an SMS reply one week after requesting to 36188. She’s to report at Shan Sui Resort, Tawau on February 16! Bloody hell, we tell her. Tawau, on the East Coast? But you’re on the West Coast right now!

They’ll have buses, maybe, she says. That’s her, always looking on the bright side.

A half-day bus trip? You’ll be puking your guts out, guts and intestines and everything else you did and didn’t put inside.

I’ll bring a black plastic bag.

* * *

I shoot off an SMS, hoping to get a reply this time. It doesn’t work, so I “borrow” my grandfather’s handphone, hoping he won’t notice the loss of RM 2. He’s got a couple of hundred ringgit preloaded in it anyway. A reply comes to my grandfather’s handphone, but not mine after a few hours.

All it says is, that I, dari (my location), telah terpilih untuk Khidmat Negara.

I’m eager to find out where I’m posted, and furiously hope that I’m in the February 16 batch. Because we’ll finish earlier, due to starting earlier. But then again, the second batch will know what to expect? No. I’ll prefer the first batch, I can’t stand the agony, the torture of waiting.

Maybe the second batch won’t know a thing about the first batch. Considering that the draftees are to be practically isolated.

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