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Eck. Surfing through some Malay mp3/news websites (,, I happened upon some… VERY interesting newsbytes and pictures. For example, screenshots of That Video CD featuring Malaysian Airlines stewards and stewardesses. Perbuatan Melampau Seorang Pramugara!! Just the title immediately tells you what it is… sort of like, say, Harry and Sally, Volume 1? This was big news in the papers a few months ago… Perbuatan Melampau Seorang Pramugara, I mean.

And also (censored, of course) screenshots of video CDs featuring UiTM students kissing and copulating in public?! Eeek!! It’s a completely weird experience, seeing pictures of a tudung girl making out with her guy.

Whoa. That just goes to show that you learn something every day. I never knew Malaysia had a black market. I mean, ya, of course got all those cheapcheap pirated VCDs. But this is different hor!! It’s like the Malaysian Blue Film Industry Awards!

OK. Enough of that … for now.

PMR (Lower Secondary Examinations) start on Monday, I hear. Good luck to them~ I remember when I took those 2 years ago, I remember being: ‘aiyah, want to die oh, how lah this?!’

My SPM (Malaysian Education Certificate) exams are coming up, and the stress is worse than the PMR days. Aiyah, want to die oh, how lah this?!

You know, during PMR time, I thought that was such a huuuuge, important exam. I’m not saying it isn’t – it is!! … but what it DOES is determine whether or not you get entrance into a top school (if that’s what you’re going after). And also whether you get into the Science or non-Science stream. I’m not saying it’s unimportant! It is important!

A friend told me about the PMR-determining-what thing two years ago, when I was taking my PMR and she her SPM. And I thought, “Ha! Listen to you!! What do you know, you’re just saying that because you’re taking your SPM this year!”

But now that she’s in university, I’m in my SPM days and looking back at PMR…. I think I finally understand what she was trying to tell me.

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