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Hello, world. I’m back to the world of blogging. Don’t worry, I’ll keep my disturbing childhood stories away from the Internet… heh heh.

Bunked off church this week. Yes, I know, again. I don’t know why I did it. (I’ve pretty much reached the point where friends start reminding me to go to church.) Maybe I didn’t go because I hang out with these group of people who go to church just to … well. Let’s just say that I go to church and come back with much knowledge about Britney Spears’ bra cup size.

My cousin Junior invited me to his farewell party. He’s going off to do matriculation at “a duty-free island!!”, to quote him. Labuan. Accounting. I’m getting an accountant for a cousin. I wonder if, a few years down the road… he’ll do my taxes for me? Tee hee.

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