in High School


school was okay today. bunked off Chapel period. Eck. I’m starting to become one of those hopeless layabouts who will eventually be stuck in teacher-student “counselling” sessions.

happened to notice my heavily pregnant History teacher waddling through the school hallways. Fuck.. I NEVER want to get pregnant.

Billy said he’d lend me his copy of A Walk To Remember. I asked him if it would finish up my supply of Kleenex, but he just shrugged. said he didn’t want to ruin the movie for me, by telling me about it. okay then…..

In return, I’m lending him Cat’s Eye. no, no, not the Stephen King one with Drew Barrymore in it. the Japanese one, based on Tsukasa Hojo’s comic. you know…. three siblings, all femme fatales.. as a matter of fact, they’re cat burglars, stealing art masterpieces. loads of skin-tight black leather suits, that kind of stuff. Brilliant.

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