Coupang delivery


After over a year of only buying on Gmarket, I have discovered Coupang‘s Rocket Delivery! I never noticed or looked for an alternative, because I was okay with Gmarket, and figuring out the fuzzy math of delivery periods. It does get a bit tricky to be unsure when your bottled water delivery is actually coming. I’ve had to go to the store and buy water in the meantime anyway, and then carry those heavy 2L bottles home.

So. Anyway. Coupang.  Next-day delivery in the major cities, and it’s free delivery for orders over 9,800 won.  It’s great for household goods and water.

It’s better than Gmarket because you can buy a bunch of different things, all from one retailer (Coupang). For Gmarket, it’s basically a marketplace of different sellers (like eBay or Amazon Marketplace), and you’d end up having to buy 3 bottles of shampoo in one go, Costco-style.

During the ordering process, I selected the option for having my things placed by my door, and I received a confirmation text message when it was done. Not just a confirmation text, but also a confirmation photo! I thought it was a cute touch that there’s a hand in the photo, in a “here it is” gesture.


There’s … a lot of packaging. The little box on top contained one 50 g sachet of curry mix.  The second box, two bubble-wrapped jars of spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce.  The biggest box contained one sleeve (twelve 80 g cans) of cat food.

Goodbye Rdio

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Rdio is shutting down (for now). I ended my subscription a long time ago, but went on to get a copy of my playlists etc. Here’s something I got out of their export site:


Ha! The angst.



And that only reminds me to go on a Oasis/Grimes/Gorillaz/instrumental writing music kick right now. Loading up Genie Music now, and hopefully they have these foreigner tracks available.

Full uppercase

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Obviously, this still needs major fixing: cleaning, sizing, kerning, minimizing points, smoothing out, making sure they look uniform, etc etc etc. But I now have my rough draft of a full set of uppercase letters!

Regular lettering

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Hm. I meant to do a Regular all this while, but it looks like yesterday’s EFGH was turning out to be an italic. So today, I started working on the regular set I was supposed to be doing. This isn’t perfected yet, of course – it’s still the rough draft. I majorly need to work on S.

Not abandoning the italic, though. I’ll get there eventually.

Today has been brought to you by

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… the letters E, F, G, and H!


And that’s an excerpt of a font I’m working on, aimed at comic lettering. I still need to fix some bits and pieces about these letters – I’m particulary unhappy with the letter G.

And that’s just 4 letters out of the entire upper+lowercase alphabet and a bunch of numbers and symbols and special characters.

Heavy snow


I woke up to a heavy torrent of snow and wind on Thursday. Snow from all directions except from below! I walked to work with an umbrella but ended up coated in snow anyway. It was amazing, I loved it!

Also, the fresh snow means that I can walk without worrying about cracking my skull open on the pavement.



It’s also a little warmer, compared to snowless days. This has been the heaviest amount of snow I’ve seen, during my time in South Korea.



This week, I was asked why I was keeping condoms on my desk. I almost yelled, “It’s tea!” I’m just trying to have a vaguely flavored hot beverage on hand, in this concrete building!