Ice cream time

icecreamsReally hot and humid day today. I went to the nearby mart to buy a load of ice creams, and they were dangerously cheap. The ice cream bars are 360 won each, and the cones are 990 won. I’m excited and worried about the French Cheese cone.

The Palpico on the far right is just a chocolate ice. I’m not a fan of ices, and that’s been in my freezer forever — need to throw it out.

Sat night in Bupyeong

The area around the Bupyeong Station and Arts Center Station are the “happening” places in my corner of Korea. There’s a few foreigner bars in the area, and tonight’s pick was Shelter! It only had about 10 people at its peak, because another bar (O’Malley’s) was having a 4th of July party (yes, on the 5th. technically it’s the 4th in ‘Murica).

The rap party special!! There was a bunch of Snoop Dogg etc music playing, and a few drunk people playing darts in the corner, and two Korean girls trying out their drunk English on a white guy.



Bartender/owner, whose name I totally forgot because I had too many Somersby ciders. 6000 won each.



The well vodka is, uh, just like back home.


samgyeopsalI had my first Korean-bbq-in-Korea experience today. Two servings of 삼겹살 (samgyeopsal: three-layered pork belly). This was somewhere in Bupyeong.

We ordered two servings (₩ 20,000), for two people. Restaurants here pretty much require a minimum order of two servings.  Also ordered a little container of rice for ₩ 1000. Everything else was complimentary, as always: all the banchan, a claypot of soup, a claypot of steamed egg casserole.


Now I’m horribly sleepy because my neighbors (and the entire neighborhood, for that matter…) were yelling at the South Korea game last night, from 4 am to around 6.

I know South Korea scored twice because there were two extra loud yells.

South Korea vs Russia

This morning, while walking to work at a bit past 8 am… suddenly, every building around me (even the elementary school!?) erupted in loud yells. EVERY BUILDING. I froze mid-step.

Turns out, it was South Korea’s opening World Cup match. South Korea vs Russia. The elementary school kids were in top form. For a moment, I thought they were doing some sort of cheerleading team practice, because it sounded like an entire classroom (or more) were chanting something in perfect sync. I think they were chanting a standard “go Korea!” routine.

I asked around, and found out that the kids were allowed to go to school early that day, so that they could watch the whole game. Their first class is at 9 am, and the game started at 7 am. This morning, I remember seeing a handful of kids walking to school at 7 am today. I remember thinking to myself: DAMN, these kids start school early.

When I arrived at work, I was given a celebratory melon milk.  It’s … an acquired taste.