Election ballot


I finally got my ballot in the mail! I get a sticker this time – very exciting. I’ve never had an I Voted sticker with my absentee ballot before, and always felt a bit left-out because of that.

I spent two days, two days, fretting over my choices. I couldn’t vote for the presidential candidate choice again, because I had already done that through Democrats Abroad – but of course I’m going to vote downticket.

Angrily voted against the useless local representative Judy Chu, who has an effectiveness rating of 0% and is the 7th least effective member of Congress (and there’s 535 Congress members). And yet somehow, she gets re-elected every time. Merely because of the letter (D) next to her name. I’m also Asian and also a Democrat, but I’m not going to vote for someone just because they’re also an Asian and/or a Democrat. Be useful!

When I was dealing with my FBI criminal background check for my job, I sent the representative’s local office an email through her site, for assistance with this federal agency. You know, the kind of assistance that representatives are supposed to help their constituents with? After a long two weeks, I received a letter in the mail that basically said “fuck you”. No, fuck YOU, Judy! I’m Asian too and even that’s not going to make me vote for you. Was this petty of me? Possibly. Was I her constituent? Absolutely.

Mart trip

A quick trip to the mart today, to stock up on flour and milk. Here’s some sights.


Mansage! I think it’s mandu + sausage, but still, kinda funny. But seriously, it’s probably meant to be paired with mandu somehow, or it’s super spicy and can only be tolerated by men, something like that.



I’ve seen a lot of wacky free gifts before, but this is a first: toilet paper, free with crab meat. Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Also, I imagine the condensation isn’t great for paper.

One year

I have now been in Korea for one year.

When I first signed up for Korea, I told myself that I would be there for two years.  I have signed a contract for a second year, and I cannot imagine leaving at the end of it. I would very much like to be here longer. So far, anyway.

We shall see!

Korean Air upgrade

Not sure what happened, but I have no complaints! Instead of being seated at 31A (I had asked for a window seat not by the bathroom)…  when I got my boarding pass, the seat number had changed to 16A.  I didn’t notice this at first, because the airport was a lot busier than I expected.

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2014 Reviewed

And here I am, closing the year in South Korea. This time last year, I didn’t know I would be here. I only started the process in late February, and expected it to take a while. It was quick. I arrived at Incheon Airport in April.


Autumn weekend

autumn leaves

It’s been a nice autumn weekend. Not too cold, not too hot. Perfect for an outdoor date, but I wouldn’t know anything about that!!


autumn patbingsu

Staff members were supposed to go on a hike up the local mountain. But my group decided we weren’t feeling sporty, and decided to take a detour. We only took a little walk around the park at the base of the mountain … but only after we had patbingsu!

Patbingsu at a chain called Sulbing (tagline: “a Korean dessert place”). In the far left of the photo is a bowl of pumpkin soup, and some little rice cakes. And then the centerpiece is, of course, patbingsu. It has pieces of cheesecake, AND powdered cheesecake! The little shotglass has condensed milk in it, for the patbingsu. And the three cylinders are cheese-filled rice cakes, topped with cheese and (I think) scallions.



Kalbi (bbq beef) staff dinner. So good. Really tender meat. The other barbecues I’ve had have been tough, in comparison. I guess I’ve been going to cheap places hahahaha.

Also, the garlic+sesame oil in the little bowl is great. Have to be careful, though. Eating it immediately = boiling hot garlic paste sticking to your teeth.



Went and saw Interstellar. Great movie, shit characters. According to them, love is a valid reason for space mission decisions, on the same level as math/physics calculations? Hell no! In the zombie apocalypse, they would be the first to go. (But maybe I’m just really cold-hearted and calculating.)



It’s a beautiful place. I think she would have liked it.

She’s in a smaller section all the way to the end, on the left … out of view of this photo. My grandfather wanted the location to be easy to find. And it is.