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Goodbye Rdio

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Rdio is shutting down (for now). I ended my subscription a long time ago, but went on to get a copy of my playlists etc. Here’s something I got out of their export site:


Ha! The angst.



And that only reminds me to go on a Oasis/Grimes/Gorillaz/instrumental writing music kick right now. Loading up Genie Music now, and hopefully they have these foreigner tracks available.


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P9240003I’m just hanging out at home this weekend. I have a cold. Sore throat kicked in on Tuesday, peaked on Friday. And it’s gone now. But now I have the sniffles. Ugh!

I’ve been at home, listening to various Spotify playlists. I pay $10 for Spotify instead of $5 for Rdio, SOLELY because of the playlists. I am THAT lazy.

Anyway, the point of bringing up Spotify playlists … I was listening to some music, and thought, WHAT KIND OF SHITTY MUSIC SELECTIONS ARE THESE!? Turns out, they were my saved songs. Confirmed: I think my own music selections are shitty.

Also: over the course of this week, I have become a subscriber to the cult of Uniqlo Heattech. IT WORKS! And of course it costs more than I’d like it to (19,900 won for leggings; 24,900 won for a long sleeved shirt). On the upside of it, I bought Heattech pajama pants for 10,000 won. THEY ARE SO AWESOME.