Full uppercase


Obviously, this still needs major fixing: cleaning, sizing, kerning, minimizing points, smoothing out, making sure they look uniform, etc etc etc. But I now have my rough draft of a full set of uppercase letters!

Regular lettering


Hm. I meant to do a Regular all this while, but it looks like yesterday’s EFGH was turning out to be an italic. So today, I started working on the regular set I was supposed to be doing. This isn’t perfected yet, of course – it’s still the rough draft. I majorly need to work on S.

Not abandoning the italic, though. I’ll get there eventually.

Today has been brought to you by

… the letters E, F, G, and H!


And that’s an excerpt of a font I’m working on, aimed at comic lettering. I still need to fix some bits and pieces about these letters – I’m particulary unhappy with the letter G.

And that’s just 4 letters out of the entire upper+lowercase alphabet and a bunch of numbers and symbols and special characters.