Amsterdam Centraal

All the news are saying that Anthony Bourdain died today.

A long time ago, in a train station in Amsterdam, I kind of crossed paths with him. I didn’t say hi or fangirl because (a) I was in a train that was about to depart, and he was on the platform, and (b) he was working. The film crew repeatedly filmed him going up and down the stairs with a (clearly empty) suitcase, again and again. And then along the platform, again and again, until they got their shot.

At the time, I thought this guy was world-famous. But nobody in that train station seemed to notice or care. In that moment, I realized: Oh shit, he’s only big on American TV! Looking back at it, No Reservations was only on its second season, and Youtube wasn’t a verb yet.

Of all the food and travel shows out there, I think his was by far the best. It’s the adventures of an Everyman who happens to know a lot about cooking, going around and trying out new things, and being open to it.

Some Prague statues


Next to the river Vltava. I thought this looked like a Buddhist monk, and wondered – what’s a statue of a Buddhist monk doing in Prague? With some googling, I later found out that it’s a statue of Sri Chinmoy.



Barcode babies, by David Černý. Often found on lists of the world’s most terrifying statues.  There are smaller versions (and without barcodes pushed in their faces) on the side of a Prague TV tower (Žižkov Television Tower).



French Market on Kampa, Prague

The Traditional French Market on Kampa (Francouzský Trh) is an annual event – at the west end of Charles Bridge. That’s the side of the bridge that’s away from the city center. Just cross the Charles Bridge, go down the steps, and there you are.



This is the (zoomed-in) view from the Charles Bridge. It’s not far. I don’t have a fancy camera – it’s one of those pocket Canon PowerShots.

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In Prague

Prague and Berlin for the long weekend! But first, Prague.

I stayed at Miss Sophie’s (hostelworld), on the recommendation of my Los Angeles roommate. No, it’s not in the city center. I booked a dorm bed in the hostel, but when I checked in, I found out that the I had been upgraded to a hotel room. Shared with another girl, but never mind that. The hostel said this was because all the other people in the hostel would be guys. I can’t complain.



Probably overpriced. I had no idea. I ordered Králík na česneku, bramborové knedlíky, špenát, standard portion… which Google Translate tells me is “rabbit with garlic, potato dumplings, spinach”.



What does rabbit taste like? Chicken.



Dancing House, a  Frank Gehry building (well, collaboration).



The Danube River from some random riverfront.



There were so many restaurants/cafes on boats, or structures that were posing as boats. I thought they were charming.


Wallenstein Garden dripstone wall aka “those strange rocks”, from Prague Castle. I couldn’t explore the castle as much as I wanted – the girl I was walking around with was waiting for me outside. The castle is on an incline, and it was too much for her. Sigh. I’ll come back for you someday, Prague Castle.



I liked the bright orange mailboxes.


Lennon Wall. I went out of my way to look for this wall, because I love the Beatles. For the longest time, I thought they were the music of old people. I love them now.

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Today, I ate some fish and chips on the grounds of Christ Church Cathedral. It’s a lovely picnic. The fish and chips were from Leo Burdock’s, just across the street.


christ church dublin

Looking quite gray. A bit of a walking distance from the city center of O’Connell Street and the Dublin Spire.


christ church dublin chips

You don’t have to buy fish AND chips. If you just buy fish, it comes with some chips by default. Fish AND an order of chips is a lot more chips. Here’s my order of fresh cod, with the default/free chips.

This is what I do

This is the setup I came up with, after two hours:


And this is me with it:


Yes, it looks easy. And it should have been easy, if I didn’t have to dig around and figure out how to get around the large supporting platform, which was blocking the top parts from contacting. In the end, I managed to get some parts together to make stairs away from the platform. These are the parts I had to start out with, and make sense of: