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Window mesh replacement


Thanks for nothing, Whiskey. Whiskey has a habit of scratching at the window screen, and I had patched those up with 500 won premade patches, but this was going beyond the beyonds. Off I went to Gmarket to buy replacement parts. Not bad, it only cost me around 15,000 won for the screen and various other tools for the job.

I ordered on Friday morning, and a long thin box, similar to a poster box, arrived on Saturday morning. I love Korea’s delivery speed.

To prepare, I skimmed through an instructional YouTube video.



Pushing the new gasket in, with the special tool. I had waffled about buying a special tool just for this, but I’m glad I did. It was only 1,400 won, anyway. I swear, sometimes I’m stingy about the silliest things.



All done, kind of. It took me another hour or so to cut off the extra screen with a stationery knife.

My weekend from hell

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In addition to nursing a cold and sore throat this weekend:

On Friday, I flushed the toilet, stood up, washed my hands, and Whiskey jumped right into the toilet bowl. He freaked out, I couldn’t catch him, and of course he and his toilet water paws ran all over the apartment before I could get hold of him. Out came the kitten shampoo!! The next morning, I found a hairball on the floor. Ugh.

Today, AGAIN!! As soon as I stood up from peeing, he jumped on the toilet and slipped in. This time, I was fast enough, and grabbed him immediately. Back into the shower.

And it wasn’t over… just a couple hours earlier, I guess he was sitting to pee, and it turned out that he also took a dump. Without changing his seating position. And OF COURSE with ultra soft poo. (SERIOUSLY what did I do? IS KARMA REAL!?) So his butt was fully smudged with poo. Back into the shower. And of course, I found traces of poo on a blanket … luckily, it was a shitty blanket that I use to keep dust off my suitcases. (Now literally shitty!)

Hopefully that’s the end of all the kitty trauma.

Vaccinations, Round 2

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I brought Whiskey in for his second round of vaccinations. 24,000 원, just like the previous visit. I still have the 20% mystery discount, yay!

It is either:

a) Foreigner discount?

b) Because I picked up a street cat?

c) Decoy discount that everyone gets, so they feel like they’re getting a good deal.

Also, he’s 위스키 on the vet paperwork! Written the same way as the standard Korean spelling for the alcohol! I thought it was cool. (Lets be real, the vet staff probably thinks I’m a crazy foreigner who named her cat after a bottle of booze.)

I got a different vet this time. He checked Whiskey, balls and all, and changed his status from “Unknown” to “Neutered Male”. Success! My customer disloyalty goes unnoticed!! Woo!

Stinky cat food

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I am attempting various types of cat food with Whiskey. Some have been successes, some haven’t. This is the Chicken & Brown Rice Formula by California Natural.





My cat likes it and eats everything, but PHEW does it  stink up the place. The texture is also quite fluffy, not as dense as other pate-style cat foods. It’s almost as if it has air whipped into it. Fortunately, it’s sold by weight.

Autumn is here

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He’s very quiet and well-behaved. And he keeps snuggling like this, between my legs.

I want to think it’s because he’s a better cat. But, it’s probably because he’s in pain from the neutering.

Neutered cat

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Neutering cost was 180,000 원. I also had him dewormed, and my grand total was 193,000원.

The price at my usual vet is 110,000원, but they said Whiskey was only 4 months old. So I went to another vet, who said he was 5 months, felt him up, and declared him ready for surgery. Whiskey stayed overnight at that vet, and I picked him up the next day (today!).

Got this message from the vet this morning:



He looks stunned in the picture. (“What … what happened?”)

He’s been pretty quiet, and really mellow. Probably because he’s groggy or in pain or both. He keeps asking to be scratched and petted, and stays snuggled between my legs when I’m sitting down.


Horrible blanket placement, I know. It looks like I’ve got some kind of weird camel toe. I haven’t gained that much weight, I promise.

Cat supplies in Korea

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I’ve now had Whiskey for a week and a half. It’s been a chore getting cat food here. Most (if not all) of the local cat food is fish-based, mostly tuna. Most of the imported cat food are full of corn and wheat and rice etc … not meat. Cats are obligate carnivores, should only eat meat, fish should be avoided, etc etc, a balanced raw food diet is preferable, etc etc. I’ve read up so much on this. Still don’t know if I’m informed enough.


Dry Food

Whiskey is now off Royal Canin. He didn’t seem to like it anyway.

He’s now eating Orijen Cat & Kitten, which I got for 31,570원. That’s 2.27 kg (split into two bags). The discount came from trawling through Naver Shopping for 오리젠 고양이 (orijen goyangi / Orijen cat) – the clickthrough link to Gmarket gave some sort of discount. I wasn’t going to question that. It was from 요미펫 on Gmarket.

Orijen does have herring in it. I don’t remember why I chose it over Nature’s Variety or Evo Cat, but I did.

YES I KNOW dry food is frowned on. But: growing kitten, and I’m gone for 8 hours a day. Dry food is for him to graze on while I’m gone.


Canned/Pouch Food

Main meals are canned food.

The complete foods I’m somewhat happy with:

  • Evo Cat & Kitten canned pate – great. Too bad Whiskey is hung up on the shredded chicken. Currently figuring out how to disguise the food.
  • Nature’s Variety Instinct, canned pate: chicken, duck. Expensive shit.
  • Tiki Cat: 6 varieties available. Smells great. Too bad they’re all tuna. For the rare treat.

There are supplementary chicken options from Sheba (canned) and Vom Feinsten (pouch), but neither have taurine and other vitamins. Naturally, my cat would rather eat these than the complete foods, which makes life a bit more annoying.

Also, I can never have kids. A kitten is enough work as it is, and I’m able to leave a kitten alone at home.