South Korea vs Russia

This morning, while walking to work at a bit past 8 am… suddenly, every building around me (even the elementary school!?) erupted in loud yells. EVERY BUILDING. I froze mid-step.

Turns out, it was South Korea’s opening World Cup match. South Korea vs Russia. The elementary school kids were in top form. For a moment, I thought they were doing some sort of cheerleading team practice, because it sounded like an entire classroom (or more) were chanting something in perfect sync. I think they were chanting a standard “go Korea!” routine.

I asked around, and found out that the kids were allowed to go to school early that day, so that they could watch the whole game. Their first class is at 9 am, and the game started at 7 am. This morning, I remember seeing a handful of kids walking to school at 7 am today. I remember thinking to myself: DAMN, these kids start school early.

When I arrived at work, I was given a celebratory melon milk.  It’s … an acquired taste.


Traditional market

I was told that the traditional market near my house has cheaper fresh produce, compared to the department stores. For packaged stuff, the department stores are cheaper.

And yet I’m finding out that it’s not true. Even the packaged stuff is cheaper at the traditional market. Sure, the traditional markets lose out on variety, but they pretty much have everything I need.


Exhibit A: cheaper Head & Shoulders, for my sudden case of dandruff! I didn’t buy the shampoo at Homeplus yesterday. Despite the fact that I now make more money than I know what to do with … I’m still cheap. I did buy this shampoo though!

I was sooo tempted to buy the orange “Woman” scented Head & Shoulders, just for the lols. OF COURSE I want to smell like a woman!

I liked the Original scent better, though, and went with that.

Shopping day

I went to Homeplus today, and the discounts are off limits to me because I still don’t have an Alien Registration Card (ARC). But nevertheless, there’s still stuff that I can’t get at the regular shops and traditional markets.

24 Mission tortillas for 9000 won, and in a box! Like some kind of premium thing. I didn’t buy it, though.

I went to the traditional market later, and got 2 packs of strawberries for 5000 won.


And a 2+1 deal on coffee at 7-11, for 2400 won total. (2+1 is buy 2,get 1 free).


Caffeine hits


Burn: looks promising! I mean, if that doesn’t wake you up, then I don’t know what will.



카페타임 is hangulized (is that even a word..) “Coffee Time”.

모닝커피 is “Morning Coffee”.

Gas masks


Subway stations here double as emergency shelters. There’s a few of these emergency supply closets in each subway station. I’ve peered inside, and the greyish-green bags are gas masks (one for each bag, I think), and the blue things at the bottom shelf are wet wipes. Definitely not enough for everyone.