Mac and cheese burger

For this past week, I didn’t have any food ready for breakfast at home. So, before going to work, I ended up dropping by 7-11 to buy whatever 2,000 won burger struck my fancy.

This one’s the “Mac and Deep Cheese Burger”, which tasted vaguely jalapeno cheese-esque. There was way too much sauce and it got kind of gross towards the end. I skipped lunch because I still felt full and kind of grossed out.

Considering a 2DS

I’ve been considering a portable gaming device (other than my phone), and the 2DS crossed my mind. I had a DS Lite in college and playing Space Invaders Extreme between classes was pretty great. Not that I want to get a game console just to play Space Invaders…

Anyway, back in the day, my Space Invaders gaming machine was a pretty awesome champagne gold Zelda edition. Turns out, they have a Zelda edition for the 2DS. Hey, maybe check that out, right?


It’s super green. I’m not getting it. It gives me John Deere farming vibes.


Dirty Computer

It’s only April, and I’m convinced that Janelle Monáe’s Dirty Computer album is going to be my favorite album this year.

Here’s the visual portion of the album.

The self-hosted blog

Hey, so with the whole mess going on with Facebook, personal data, etc., is the self-hosted blog coming back? Please do.

I’m currently having a surge of … nostalgia? due to migrating my posts from all over the internet to this blog. Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, what have you. I’m still hunting them all down. The posts stretch back YEARS. It’s a bit crazy to read the thoughts of my teenage self, follow her all the way through university, her first job after, etc. Is it “her” or “me”?


Post-health exam lunch

Another year, another annual health exam for my job contract. I went at around 3 pm, after an early breakfast and no lunch. 8 hour fast! I then stopped by a nearby restaurant for 돈가스 (don-kas-s) for 6,000 won. So many side dishes! I felt a bit guilty for being a solo table getting all these side dishes. But! I wasn’t the only solo table, so I guess it’s okay.

I don’t really care for all that sauce. Maybe I should ask for no sauce next time, but then again dish modifications are an only-in-America thing. I think?

Backing up photos etc

I’m trying to back up all my photos. Really should print them out occasionally, but it’s hard to do so as a perpetual expat. It’s a shame that I don’t have a whole lot of them. I know there’s developed film photos from high school and before, but it’s almost like I didn’t exist between the years 2004-2014. Ten years!

Here’s a photo I found from when I was waitressing in Los Angeles. This was in 2013. I clearly remember how much I HATED how I looked – I thought I looked unpolished, etc. (You know … youth is wasted on the young.)

I also imported my old entries to this blog, spanning from 2002 to 2014. I had two blogs then: one was called Operating Instructions, the other was called Penjual Antarabangsa (International Seller). It’s funny and slightly embarrassing to look back at them now.

Gran Hotel

My new thing has been watching Gran Hotel on Netflix.


  • Ugh, I just want the lead couple to be together!
  • The lead villain is the WOOOOORST
  • This is the most dysfunctional/scheming family ever. Bluths who?
  • PUTA

Season 1 was great, and I gotta say, Season 3 turned into a bunch of what-the-fuck. Plotlines picked up and discarded here and there. Whatever. It’s still fun. And yes, satisfactory ending.