Goodbye Rdio

Rdio is shutting down (for now). I ended my subscription a long time ago, but went on to get a copy of my playlists etc. Here’s something I got out of their export site:


Ha! The angst.



And that only reminds me to go on a Oasis/Grimes/Gorillaz/instrumental writing music kick right now. Loading up Genie Music now, and hopefully they have these foreigner tracks available.

Full uppercase


Obviously, this still needs major fixing: cleaning, sizing, kerning, minimizing points, smoothing out, making sure they look uniform, etc etc etc. But I now have my rough draft of a full set of uppercase letters!

Regular lettering


Hm. I meant to do a Regular all this while, but it looks like yesterday’s EFGH was turning out to be an italic. So today, I started working on the regular set I was supposed to be doing. This isn’t perfected yet, of course – it’s still the rough draft. I majorly need to work on S.

Not abandoning the italic, though. I’ll get there eventually.

Today has been brought to you by

… the letters E, F, G, and H!


And that’s an excerpt of a font I’m working on, aimed at comic lettering. I still need to fix some bits and pieces about these letters – I’m particulary unhappy with the letter G.

And that’s just 4 letters out of the entire upper+lowercase alphabet and a bunch of numbers and symbols and special characters.

Heavy snow


I woke up to a heavy torrent of snow and wind on Thursday. Snow from all directions except from below! I walked to work with an umbrella but ended up coated in snow anyway. It was amazing, I loved it!

Also, the fresh snow means that I can walk without worrying about cracking my skull open on the pavement.



It’s also a little warmer, compared to snowless days. This has been the heaviest amount of snow I’ve seen, during my time in South Korea.



This week, I was asked why I was keeping condoms on my desk. I almost yelled, “It’s tea!” I’m just trying to have a vaguely flavored hot beverage on hand, in this concrete building!


Weekend update

The weekend’s almost over, and no war yet. All the talk of South Korea/North Korea playing their game of brinkmanship is making everyone anxious, but not panicking. This happens every year. That said, this summer’s edition is unusually intense.




I took Whiskey to the vet because he kept scooting his (clean) butt on the carpet and couch cover. I got some meds for him, and I hope it’s treating an actual condition. I would hate it if the butt-scooting is just a bad habit of his. The vet said that the anal glands were clear, and there’s no worms … so the medication was to get rid of a “protozoa infection” (according to Google Translate). I haven’t seen any butt-scooting since Thursday, so I’m hoping it worked. But maybe I just haven’t seen him.



The guilty party.



I made some Irish soda bread on Saturday, mixing three flours: Korean “strong”/high-protein flour (강력 밀가루), King Arthur Flour whole wheat, and King Arthur Flour rye flour. Not bad. Better than my previous attempt with Korean whole-wheat flour, which came out yellow (?), probably because there wasn’t any wheat germ in it? I don’t know.

Cheese is a luxury here, but I splash out every now and then on a block of Cathedral strong cheddar from Homeplus. Korean-style bacon (not the BBQ “bacon” aka samgyeopsal) is thinner and doesn’t seem to cook as easily, which is suspicious. I eat it anyway.