Making Greek-style yogurt in Korea

First: a yogurt maker from Gmarket (here’s the yogurt machine category). I bought the Daewoo DWY-SH101 (1 liter capacity) for 13,600 원, shipping included. It’s a really basic model: plug it in, a light goes on, it stays warm at some unknown temperature.

Why did I choose this particular model? Because it was the cheapest, and I wasn’t sure how far I was willing to go with yogurt-making.

daewoo yogurt


For yogurt starter, I bought a tub of Maeil Bio yogurt. It comes in two sizes – small and large. The large container (pictured below) is nearly the same size as the yogurt maker’s container! Extra container!!

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Depressing holidays

I don’t really know what Thanksgiving is. My family never celebrated it. To this day, I have never had a “real” Thanksgiving dinner … whatever that is.

It usually sucks to see and hear about everyone else having a great time together on Thanksgiving, though. I always volunteered to work. At the end of the day, I’d make myself a turkey sandwich or order a turkey burger, because why not?

Last year, I told myself I’d sleep through the entire day, and amazingly, I did. I slept at midnight and woke up at 7 pm. Gross as hell, but a success of sorts.

The fourth Thursday in November passes unnoticed in Korea! Thanksgiving — what’s that?? It’s a massive relief. I also heard that Christmas is more of a couples thing here … so that’s another relief.

I don’t know why, but I attempted to fix some sort of Thanksgiving-ish dinner anyway. This was rotisserie chicken, and three kinds of banchan: spicy anchovies, peanuts, and seaweed. A bird and sides!!

2014 tday

Autumn weekend

autumn leaves

It’s been a nice autumn weekend. Not too cold, not too hot. Perfect for an outdoor date, but I wouldn’t know anything about that!!


autumn patbingsu

Staff members were supposed to go on a hike up the local mountain. But my group decided we weren’t feeling sporty, and decided to take a detour. We only took a little walk around the park at the base of the mountain … but only after we had patbingsu!

Patbingsu at a chain called Sulbing (tagline: “a Korean dessert place”). In the far left of the photo is a bowl of pumpkin soup, and some little rice cakes. And then the centerpiece is, of course, patbingsu. It has pieces of cheesecake, AND powdered cheesecake! The little shotglass has condensed milk in it, for the patbingsu. And the three cylinders are cheese-filled rice cakes, topped with cheese and (I think) scallions.



Kalbi (bbq beef) staff dinner. So good. Really tender meat. The other barbecues I’ve had have been tough, in comparison. I guess I’ve been going to cheap places hahahaha.

Also, the garlic+sesame oil in the little bowl is great. Have to be careful, though. Eating it immediately = boiling hot garlic paste sticking to your teeth.



Went and saw Interstellar. Great movie, shit characters. According to them, love is a valid reason for space mission decisions, on the same level as math/physics calculations? Hell no! In the zombie apocalypse, they would be the first to go. (But maybe I’m just really cold-hearted and calculating.)



It’s a beautiful place. I think she would have liked it.

She’s in a smaller section all the way to the end, on the left … out of view of this photo. My grandfather wanted the location to be easy to find. And it is.

Asiana Airlines dinner

I chose fish instead of beef. Soggy battered fish, but on a plane, you can’t expect fried things to be crisp.

asiana dinner

The airline is amazing, though. Great staff. And suddenly — more legroom, and wider seats! Maybe I’ve just been too institutionalized by US-based airlines.