Cat supplies in Korea

I’ve now had Whiskey for a week and a half. It’s been a chore getting cat food here. Most (if not all) of the local cat food is fish-based, mostly tuna. Most of the imported cat food are full of corn and wheat and rice etc … not meat. Cats are obligate carnivores, should only eat meat, fish should be avoided, etc etc, a balanced raw food diet is preferable, etc etc. I’ve read up so much on this. Still don’t know if I’m informed enough.


Dry Food

Whiskey is now off Royal Canin. He didn’t seem to like it anyway.

He’s now eating Orijen Cat & Kitten, which I got for 31,570원. That’s 2.27 kg (split into two bags). The discount came from trawling through Naver Shopping for 오리젠 고양이 (orijen goyangi / Orijen cat) – the clickthrough link to Gmarket gave some sort of discount. I wasn’t going to question that. It was from 요미펫 on Gmarket.

Orijen does have herring in it. I don’t remember why I chose it over Nature’s Variety or Evo Cat, but I did.

YES I KNOW dry food is frowned on. But: growing kitten, and I’m gone for 8 hours a day. Dry food is for him to graze on while I’m gone.


Canned/Pouch Food

Main meals are canned food.

The complete foods I’m somewhat happy with:

  • Evo Cat & Kitten canned pate – great. Too bad Whiskey is hung up on the shredded chicken. Currently figuring out how to disguise the food.
  • Nature’s Variety Instinct, canned pate: chicken, duck. Expensive shit.
  • Tiki Cat: 6 varieties available. Smells great. Too bad they’re all tuna. For the rare treat.

There are supplementary chicken options from Sheba (canned) and Vom Feinsten (pouch), but neither have taurine and other vitamins. Naturally, my cat would rather eat these than the complete foods, which makes life a bit more annoying.

Also, I can never have kids. A kitten is enough work as it is, and I’m able to leave a kitten alone at home.

First vaccination

The vet said I could only get a cat vaccinated after it had been home for a week. Ugh. In the meantime, I was supposed to fend off rabies and toxoplasmosis!?

Anyway, one week went by, and I went back. The vet cleaned inside his ears (again) and trimmed his claws. And got the first vaccination done! Just one injection! Whiskey was a trooper and totally cooperative. Didn’t do anything to embarrass me, fortunately.

The vet’s receipt says it was a 4-component vaccine, but only listed three things: FVRCP+Ch+FeLV. Maybe one of them counts as three. Or it didn’t fit on the receipt.

24,000원, and the cashier told me I had received a 20% discount. I’m not sure why I qualified for a discount – because Whiskey was a street cat?

Next round of vaccinations will be in three weeks’ time. It’ll be three doses of … something.

Sudden Kitten supplies

After I woke up and played with the cat this morning, I took it across the street. The vet confirmed that my cat is a boy! He asked where the cat came from — street cat? Yes, I said, but I think someone threw him away.  Because he’s far too friendly to be a street cat. He doesn’t hiss and claw.

The vet says he’s about 4-5 months old. No fleas, no ear mites. Just dust and ear wax, which is quite normal. Vet cleaned his ears and eyes. Whiskey was very good about it, just a couple of sad little meows at being handled by a stranger. (To be fair, I’m a stranger, too … I only walked into his life at 8 pm yesterday).

Also, GUESS WHAT, today is one of those Sundays where Lotte Mart/Homeplus/emart are closed!  ppppfdzs043 <—- typed by cat

No pet shops in my area. So, off to the vet. Spent 9,900 won on five tiny, cat-sized cans of cat food. Two of them turned out to be dog food (haha), so I had to go back to exchange them.

Also a bag of Royal Canin Kitten for dry food. I’ve been reading ALL THE INFORMATION and am trying to not feed Whiskey “empty” junk food. Confused by options at the vet office, so I went with the food my friend had. She had given me a little bit to tide me over for the first day, and Whiskey was eating it… so it should be OK for now. That ran me another 30,000 won.

I got a large plastic container from Daiso as a better cat litter box, for 3000 won. Turns out it’s STILL too shallow (10 cm tall), and Whiskey likes pawing around with the wood pellets (gross). Wood pellets all over my bathroom floor.

Daiso also had a nail clipper for 1000 won, and a dangly cat toy for 2000 won. Should be good for now.

A Korean Cat

A kitten walked into my life today. I had always been hankering after a kitten, but today took me by surprise.

I had gone to Wolmido Island today, with two friends. I left them earlier, because my train station was two stops away from theirs. At the Lotte Mart between the train station and the apartment they were going to — they saw a kitten that was obviously not a street cat. Beautiful, and way too friendly. No housing nearby, just businesses, Lotte Mart, and a park. The theory is that  the cat was abandoned at a area that was nice enough to be a stray cat, or had enough foot traffic to get picked up.

My friend phoned me at around 7 pm, and I got there about half an hour later. Maybe I was going to take the cat, maybe I wasn’t. But we decided we should get the cat off the street, anyway.

Two kids had hopped off their bicycles and were playing with the cat.  “Is this your cat?” “No, no.”

We got it into a cat carrier. It started scarfing down the cat food we had placed inside. A guy passing by watched us with a half-smile, and asked the kids, “Is that your cat?” “No.”

My god the kitten was beautiful. I was immediately taken. I had to keep her/him/it. I had always agonized: kitten? adult cat? coloring? This one was easy, it was already perfect. Funny how that works out.

Wtf to do? I don’t have any cat stuff. My (kitten-owning) friend gave me a packet of Whiskas Jr and a bit of Royal Canin Kitten dry food. Some wood pellet litter, and a large Marc Jacobs gift box to use as its temporary litter box!!

Tried to sleep. Blinked at the kitty. Kitty jumped on my eyelids with (unsheathed) paws. Chews my long hair, etc.

Between myself and my friend, we’re not vets … but the cat doesn’t appear to have ear mites or fleas or ringworm or anything visible. Who knows about other stuff. Pretty sure it was recently abandoned – two days at most.

I think it’s a boy, but I’m not sure. I think his name is going to be Whiskey.

Here he is, looking a bit dusty on his first day. (He’s all cleaned up now.)


Muui Island

2014-09-06 18.43.53

Took a series of buses from Incheon Airport to Muui Island, during the long Chuseok holiday. Summer is officially over, and the swimming pools were already drained.

There’s a really short ferry ride from the airport island to Muui Island. It only takes 3 minutes, maybe less.

Mystery butcher

mystery butcher

I always walk past this butcher.  And I always thought how stupid it was, to have an empty meat case.

And yet they seemed to be doing pretty good business. I would occasionally see a customer inside, and the butcher would be cutting up a rack of ribs. The place has all this fancy equipment inside, a gigantic walk-in freezer, and all that jazz. I would silently judge their life choices. Empty meat case! Really?

And then I actually read the sign. 개고기 = dog meat. Ha! Mystery solved.