12 hours and $845 later


I flew United Airlines. LAX-SFO-ICN. For some reason, I was in a REALLY old plane. The kind with a large overhead screen shared by everyone, and no personal screen. I haven’t been on one of those for YEARS. I’m spoiled. First world problems, seriously.



Chicken and vegetables. A pretty good brownie (but I have low standards). Salad.



A cheese and sausage omelette (maybe. couldn’t tell). Mystery meat! A cookie, a bun, and butter.




Tampons exist in South Korea. I don’t see this brand everywhere (this is in Lotte Mart), but most convenience stores have tampons. A little pricier than they would be in America, but not pricey enough to justify filling your suitcase with a lifetime’s supply!

All the sites I checked before arriving said that tampons were like a white whale or something. Liars! They’re totally everywhere here.